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LAP SWIMMING 5 am – 8 am

LAP SWIMMING 5 am-8 am Lap swimming has priority Monday thru Friday from 5am-8am at the JCC Pool. The pool opens at 8am for Open Swim. Should members wish to  come earlier for personal water fitness exercise (not lap swimming) they are invited to use the pool as long as a lane is not needed by a lap swimmer. For your own personal safety we ask people wishing to do personal water fitness at any time to not get in a lane where there is a lap swimmer. Lap swimmers, we ask that you share the lane with fellow lap…


Welcome Little Loggerheads to the JCC Pool

Welcome Little Loggerheads to the JCC Pool   The JCC Aquatics Department is happy to welcome Shannon O’Lear and Little Loggerheads to the JCC pool Monday through Thursday from 7:45 am-8:45 am daily. Shannon works one-on-one with young swimmers (ages 6 months-4years) instructing on aquatic safety skills. It may be a little louder as the llittle ones acclimate to the water. We appreciate our members’ support and consideration!


Water Fitness Class Etiquette

Water Fitness Class Etiquette For those participating  in Water Fitness Classes, we invite you to come early to the pool or stay late to visit with your friends. However, during actual instruction of class, we ask for the benefit of all class participants and out of respect for the instructor, please refrain from carrying on conversations that prevent you, and those you are talking to, from fully participating in the class. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration. JCC Aquatics Department


Aquatics Health & Safety

Aquatics Health & Safety For your health and safety, we ask that all water class participants wear water fitness shoes in class. For the health of the pool and our filtering system, along with your own personal safety, we ask that no chewing gum be brought into the pool or pool area. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation! Lindsay Agostini, Aquatics Director


Chilly Air Temperatures in the Pool Area

Chilly Air Temperatures in the Pool Area As the air chills outside, our pool air temperature often chills too, confusing pool patrons into thinking the pool water temperature is colder. While we make every effort to maintain the water temperature between 84-86 degrees, the chill you often are experiencing is a result from cooler air temperatures.  Please feel free to wear aqua shirts or skin shirts (no 100% cotton) in the pool, or bring extra towels and/or a robe, to help keep you warm while visiting the JCC pool. We look forward to seeing you  in the pool this winter!

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