Jewish Community Center Aquatics Class Descriptions

Aquatics Class Descriptions


Class Schedules are subject to change without notice.  We will make every attempt to post notices of class cancellations.  Please consult with your physician prior to starting any exercise program.  Please inform the instructor of any physical limitations prior to working out.  Our pool temperature is maintained between 84-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Advanced Senior Water Fitness:   This workout integrates a variety of cardiovascular movements as well as strengthening exercises for the weak major muscle groups, along with flexibility exercises to stretch muscles.  Low to moderate intensity/low impact.

Aqua Endurance:  Improve your endurance in a high intensity class while strengthening key muscle groups.

Aqua Interval: Challenges participants through timed intervals of moderate to intense exercise.

Deep/Shallow Water Fitness:  A moderate to high intensity sixty minute workout that combines being suspended in the deep water using water aerobic belts or noodles and interval training in the shallow end.

Group Swim Lessons:  Pre-Beginner to intermediate group swim instruction teaching children ages 3-12 yrs how to swim with qualified instructors in a safe environment.  Registration is required.

High Intensity:  Looking for a more challenging water fitness class?  A high intensity water class which can include being suspended in the deep end (5ft).  Utilizes buoys and noodles for resistance.

Hydro Happy Hour:  Start your weekend off right with a lively, high-intensity water fitness class set to “oldies” music you will want to move and groove to!

JAWS Stroke Clinic:  Offered monthly, eight (8) one hour group sessions focusing on improving the 4 competitive swim strokes and preparing youth for competitive swimming.  Registration is required.

Lap Swimming:  A time for lap swimmers to come train or workout for health and fitness.  4 laps lanes are provided with lane lines.  Lane sharing and circle swimming are encouraged at peak times.*

Senior Water Fitness:  Focuses on balance and muscular endurance for the major muscle groups.  Works on range of motion and function, with total body stretch while enjoying the comfort of water.

Shape Up and Train:  A workout for ALL which uses a variety of working positions to prevent impact on the joints when submerged.  These positions strengthen and stabilize joints while providing a good cardio workout.

Strong to the Core:  Strengthen your abdominals with this challenging workout focusing primarily on your core muscles!

Tai Chi/Instructor Choice:  Instructor’s choice with mindful movements of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates set to soothing music in shallow water.  A low intensity, complete workout for the mind and body.

Twist and Shout:  A fun full body water workout from head to toe!

Walking 4 Fitness:  A low impact, joint friendly workout that utilizes walking patterns and progressions for a total body workout.

Water Fitness:  A 60 minute workout that combines aerobic conditioning and muscular endurance.


Classes with 6 or less participants are subject to change.

Thunder and lightning may necessitate an inclement weather break of 20 minutes or more.

Nicole Pakileata, Aquatics Manager
803.787.2023  ext. 221

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