Jewish Community Center Aquatics FAQs

Aquatics FAQs



Is there a Lifeguard on duty?

DHEC requires we post signs that say “No Guard on Duty”. However, our busiest hours, opening and closing, will have lifeguard coverage.

What is the pool temperature?

The pool is maintained to the best of our ability at around 84-85⁰F.

How deep is the pool?

Excluding the ramp, the most shallow depth is 3 ft.3 in. deep. The deepest is 5 ft.

How many laps equal one mile in the pool?

Our pool is 25 yards. 71 lengths gets you just over a mile (1,760 yards). A lap is typically representative of 2 lengths (down and back).

What is the difference between a length of the pool and a lap?

See above.

Can I swim laps when a class is taking place?

Yes, we have one lap lane available during class times.

Is there a fee for Water Fitness Classes?

Water Aerobic classes are included in the cost of your membership. There is, however, a charge associated with any swim lessons, personal training, and aquatic rehabilitation.

What Water Fitness Class is right for me?

Any and everyone is invited to our water aerobics classes. Adjustments can be made to intensify or moderate your workout. Our WaterArt certified instructors will gladly assist you in your journey. Be on the lookout for key words like: ‘High intensity’, ‘Senior’, or ‘walking’.

What type of aquatic equipment do you have available?

We have noodles, water dumbbells, water belts, resistance gloves, fins, kick boards, pull buoys, life jackets, you name it. All are sanitized after each use. Feel free to bring your own equipment.

At what age may I leave my children at the pool?

Children under the age of eight must have a parent/guardian in the pool within arm’s reach at all times. Additionally, children under eight (8) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian while using the locker rooms.

Is your pool handicap accessible?

Yes! We have a ramp for easy entry/exit, a pvc pool wheelchair, a portable chair lift, and lifeguards willing and able to lend an extra hand.

How do I sign up for Aquatic Personal Training or Aquatic Rehabilitation?

The front desk and fitness desk have registration forms and can assist you with what package you would like to purchase. Please specify you would like AQUATIC training. Once you have paid and are in the system, you will be contacted by the trainer to arrange a convenient time to begin your sessions.

Do I have to rinse off prior to swimming?

Yes! This rule goes beyond the sanitation and safety of our pool and its equipment. It’s better for you. Rinsing first, allows you to saturate yourself with water, which helps you absorb less of the pool water into your skin and hair.

Is your pool treated with salt or chlorine?

Our pool goes through multiple layers of redundancy in its sanitation process. We use a salt feeding system, chlorine at low and controlled doses, as well as a hydroxyl-based oxidation system (for air and water) known as Clear Comfort. Our state-of-the-art equipment provides us with confidence, and provides you with constantly clean and safely treated waters.