Jewish Community Center JCC Camp Gesher FAQs

JCC Camp Gesher FAQs


2022 Day Camp and Youth Programming Code of Conduct

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to provide any additional information about my camper?

Please make sure you have logged into Camp Docs and completed your camper’s profile.  Even if you have filled it out in past years, you will need to go back in to verify that the information is current.  If your camper’s profile is not complete, you will be required to complete it before your camper can be admitted to camp.

Additionally, please be sure that your balance for the session is paid in full.

What are drop off and pick up procedures for Winter Camp?

These procedures are different than they are during summer.  You must park and escort your camper in and out of the building during winter camp.  We will use ONLY the main entrance. 


Please park in the main lot and walk your child into the building through the main entrance. When you bring your child in, please check in at the front desk with the Camp Gesher staff person.  They will confirm that we have all of the necessary information for your camper, and then will have them escorted to camp.  Do not drop your child off without personally checking them in with camp staff.


Please park in the main lot and come into the building to pick up your camper.  Do not park in the fire lane directly in front of the building.  It will take a few minutes to have your camper escorted to you and the drive through needs to remain accessible.  The front desk personnel will ask for a picture id and will confirm that each camper is leaving with their authorized grown-up.

What does my camper need to bring?  

Please see the attached document for a full list of what your camper will need daily at camp.

What if I have a question or need to reach the staff about my camper?

During the camp day, please contact the JCC at 803-787-2023.  If it is a time-sensitive issue, please do not leave a voicemail, but rather ask the person answering the phone to take a handwritten message and give it to staff immediately.

Outside of camp hours, please email Dani at or call and leave a voicemail at 803-787-2023 ext. 201.  Email is the fastest way to get a response.



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