Welcome Area

Welcome Area



Providing the first line of assistance to our members.

When you step into the building, you’ll feel the energy and warmth from our welcoming staff.

Our Welcome Area staff will assist you on-site with:

Our Welcome Area staff is ready to answer your questions and provide guidance in all areas of the facility.

Lost & Found:

Items will be held until the end of the month at which time they will be donated to charity.  The JCC is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen goods.  Please do not leave any valuables unattended or store valuables in lockers.


The JCC has daily lockers – which are free to use on a daily basis. If your belongings are left in a locker overnight, please note that we will likely cut the lock off the locker and remove the contents.  We want to make sure there are enough lockers for everybody.

The JCC also has rental lockers in which you can conveniently leave your belongings for as long as you’d like. Please contact amyw@jcccolumbia.org if you are interested in a rental locker.